Creative Break

This group has been such a godsend! Even on the days when I feel like I have nothing left, the act of creating, of bringing things together to make something new, has been a sanity-saver. Lisa’s gentle curiosity and creativity have been so healing. I want to sign up all my family and friends for her groups! Thank you, Lisa! – Julie G., MD, FACS, Creative Break participant

What is Creative Break?

Creative Break is a series of online art-based wellness groups led by Lisa Lounsbury, a Board Certified Art Therapist and Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist. Creative Break groups are a safe place to explore and process emotions through creative self-expression. We use art making methods to help you manage the stress of life whether that is in the classroom, the conference room, or the kitchen.

Who It’s For

Creative Break is for teens and adults in all walks of life who are looking for relief from the stresses in their personal or professional life. Groups are available in English or Spanish.

Focused groups are available for:

  • Medical & mental health professionals
  • Educators
  • Those affected by cancer
  • Individuals on a journey of addiction recovery
  • Teams at corporations and non-profits

What To Expect

Engage with a community of like-minded individuals in making art while online and in the comfort of your own space. We offer a consistent format with a new topic each week.

  • Small group size – 8 participants maximum
  • Each session is 1 1/2 hours
  • Conducted virtually
  • Register and pay online starting January 2021
  • Come once or as often as you like

How It Helps

Art making and creative self-expression offer proven health benefits, here’s what it can do: 

  • Reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression
  • Develop strategies for facing life’s challenges
  • Increase self-compassion
  • Help make meaning of circumstances
  • Experience a sense of relief
Contact us for future event dates.

Creative Break Logistics

It’s easy to participate in a Creative Break group. Simply register, pay in advance, and get your space ready!

Creative Break Page REGISTER

Click the “Register” button below to go to our Eventbrite page for a complete listing of events and to purchase tickets.

Register for each date you’d like to attend. Check back as we add new dates regularly.

You will receive a confirmation email with instructions on how to join the online group along with other relevant details.

Creative Break Page COST Image-crop
  • $40 for each 1 ½ hour group  
  • Reimbursable by most insurance providers.
    • Receipts available on request.
  • Payments processed prior to joining each group
Creative Break Page PREPARE Image
How To Prepare
  • Register by clicking on the button below
  • Gather basic art supplies such as paper, markers, and watercolor paints
  • Find a quiet, private space where you can make art
  • Use a phone, tablet, or computer with wi-fi access

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