Creative Break

This group has been such a godsend! Even on the days when I feel like I have nothing left, the act of creating, of bringing things together to make something new, has been a sanity-saver. Lisa’s gentle curiosity and creativity have been so healing. I want to sign up all my family and friends for her groups! Thank you, Lisa! – Julie G., MD, FACS, Creative Break participant

Online Groups


What is Creative Break?

Creative Break is a series of online Art Therapy groups led by Lisa Lounsbury, a Board Certified Art Therapist and Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist. Creative Break sessions are a safe place to explore and process emotions through creative self-expression.

We use art making methods to help you:

  • Manage interpersonal distress
  • Reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression
  • Make transitions
  • Develop strategies for facing life’s challenges
  • Increase self-compassion

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