Art Lab Rx is a Mental Health Counseling Agency Specializing in Art Therapy Services.


What keeps you stuck? Art therapy can help you explore obstacles and discover your potential to recognize and move forward through worries, guilt, fears, sadness and circumstances. You can shift from hopeless to hopeful.


Ever heard, “Why can’t you just stop?” Through creative exploration with art therapy, you can uncover the roots of addictions and dependencies that rob you of a useful, productive life. Discover how to shift from escaping to conquering.


When words fail, art therapy can be a less-threatening way to communicate. It’s great for couples and families living with any number of issues and concerns. Challenges can be gifts for positive change.

Lisa Lounsbury, MA, LMFT, ATR-BC Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist Board Certified Art Therapist

By applying the rich mixture of psychology, neurology, art and theology to the canvas of my community, I have been given the gift of witnessing precious transformation, catharsis and enlightenment. My greatest hope for our clients is for them to gain understanding of their inner resources and to feel empowered to take positive action in their lives. This is the hardest work I’ve ever loved.

Select a Service


We have extensive experience working with groups in clinical settings at hospitals, day-treatment and recovery centers. Ideal for groups up to 8.


We work with both couples and families on issues involving betrayal, grief & loss, parenting, reunification and much more.

Christ-Centered Approach

We work with clients from a wide variety of faith perspectives and spiritual journeys. Although the heartbeat of Lisa’s work is to provide art therapy services from the perspective of honoring Biblical Christianity, it’s up to the client to decide whether spirituality, prayer, or biblical principles are pursued during sessions.


Lisa habla Español y puede hacer sesiones para parejas, familias y grupos en Español.

Lisa speaks Spanish and is able to do sessions for couples, families and groups in Spanish.

We Come to You


We have extensive experience in conducting on-site sessions in hospitals, day-treatment facilities, recovery centers, schools, churches and community centers. Ideal for groups up to 8 participants.


Our new mobile Art Lab, “Maggie” is a self-contained art therapy studio with a wheelchair lift, 8 art stations and toilet, all ADA-compliant.


Wellness workshops are skills-based classes that focus on increasing your understanding and application of resiliency and self-care techniques in order to help you cope with daily struggles.

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