Our Mobile Art Therapy Facility

Our mobile Art Lab, “Maggie” is a self-contained mobile mental health facility focusing on art therapy services in a small group setting. She is named in honor of pioneer Art Therapist, Margaret Naumberg. Maggie is outfitted with eight custom-designed art stations that provide materials at your fingertips. Our comfortable temperature-controlled environment includes music, aprons to protect your clothing, and a bathroom. We go to you, or you come to us.

Maggie Inside and Out

Custom Interior: Standing Cedars Workshop ; HVAC: Benck Mechanical

Making of Maggie Video

Transformation is our main hope for what clients experience internally when they participate in Art Lab Rx. This video shows Maggie going through her own transformation from the inside – out.

Creative Color Video: Vinyl Wrap

Watch the process of creating a vinyl wrap from our Founder’s artwork to the finished bus.

Vinyl Wrap: Creative Color Studio

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