Art Therapy Groups

Join one of our art therapy groups where we combine therapeutic practices with creative self-expression. Our qualified team members will guide you through a process that allows you to create, explore, and transform.

As a participant, you will: learn relaxation techniques, gain an understanding of your behavior, share experiences with those in the same situation, learn and practice coping strategies, gain a positive sense of self, learn creative ways to solve problems, process emotions through creative means, learn ways to change destructive thought processes and learn ways to reduce stress.

We accept insurance through our partnership with Parasol Wellness Collaborative. This selection of art therapy groups are held at our Blaine, MN location. Registration closes 8 days before a cohort begins.

Bud to Blossom: Where Healing Blooms Through Art

Teen Girls ages 12-15
6-week cohort on Tuesdays 7-9 pm

Bud to Blossom is for the young teen girl who is dealing with friendship issues, overwhelming emotions, and other concerns.

2024 Schedule
Cohort 1: January 30 – March 5
Cohort 2: March 19 – April 23
Cohort 3: May 7 – June 11
Cohort 4: June 25 – July 30
Cohort 5: August 13 – September 17
Cohort 6: October 1 – November 5

Vibrant Visions: Creating Today, Thriving Tomorrow

Teen Girls ages 16-19
6-week cohort on Mondays 7-9 pm

Vibrant Visions is for the older teen girl who is dealing with relationship issues, exploring their identity as an adult, and more.

2024 Schedule
Cohort 1: January 29 – March 11
Cohort 2: March 25 – April 29
Cohort 3: May 13 – June 17
Cohort 4: July 1 – August 5
Cohort 5: August 19 – September 30
Cohort 6: October 21 – November 25

Her True Hue: Coloring the Canvas of Self

Women age 20+
6-week cohort on Saturdays 10 am – 12 pm

Her True Hue is for women in all stages of life who want support for the ongoing struggle of work-life balance and all of the concerns associated with it.

2024 Schedule
Cohort 1: February 10 – March 16
Cohort 2: March 23 – April 27
Cohort 3: May 11 – June 15
Cohort 4: June 29 – August 10
Cohort 5: August 24 – September 28
Cohort 6: October 12 – November 16

Creative Recovery art therapy group

Creative Recovery: Reclaim Your Wellness

Adults age 18+
14-week cohort on Thursdays 7-9 pm

Creative Recovery is for those who want to empower their addiction recovery journey with a fresh, creative approach where they can actively process the 12-principles of addiction recovery.

2024 Schedule
Cohort 1: February 1 – May 2
Cohort 2: May 16 – August 22
Cohort 3: August 29 – December 12

Expressions of Sorrow


Adults ages 18+
6-week cohort on Wednesdays 7-9 pm

Process your grief and loss while exploring your emotions to gain understanding in a supportive community. Led by an Art Therapist who is a Certified Grief Support Specialist.

2024 Schedule
Cohort 1: May 22 – June 26
Cohort 2: July 10 – August 14
Cohort 3: August 28 – October 2
Cohort 4: October 9 – November 13

Creatively Living with Cancer

Adults ages 18+
6-week cohorts on Fridays 2-4 pm

Creatively Living with Cancer is for adults whose cancer is active or in remission. We will share ways to cope, manage, and creatively process all of the emotions that are part of this journey.

2024 Schedule
Cohort 1: May 24 – June 28
Cohort 2: July 12 – August 16
Cohort 3: August 23 – September 27
Cohort 4: October 4 – November 8



Download any of our group art therapy flyers to share with your therapist or someone who may be interested in attending.


Learn more about what to expect in our art therapy groups and get answers to some of the most popular questions we get about art therapy.


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