Wellness Workshops

Our Creative Break series is designed with you in mind. Step away from the stress and cares of life for an evening of making art in a casual setting. We provide a theme to get you started. Come once, or as often as you like. Come take a Creative Break with us!

Contact us to register or simply inquire.

Creative Break for Everyone

Open studio for anyone needing an art break. Try new art materials and express yourself creatively.
Held the third Friday of each month, 7-9 p.m.

Creative Break for Helpers

Our Helpers workshop is intended for anyone who regularly takes care of others, such as teachers, medical professionals, or family caregivers. Enjoy a relaxing, low-stress environment where you can make art with a focus on self-care in a small community of helpers.
Held the second Friday of each month, 7-9 pm

Creative Break for Christ

Focuses on the topic of living a Christian life with themes based on scripture.
Held the fourth Friday of each month, 7-9 pm

Creative Break for Addictions

Themes are based on AA literature.
Held the first Friday of each month, 7-9 pm


Art Therapy Groups

Need to explore a bit deeper? Join one of our art therapy groups where we combine therapeutic practices with creative self-expression. Our qualified team members will guide you through a process that allows you to create, explore, and, ultimately, transform.

You will use a variety of art materials such as painting, mask making, hand stitching, mosaics, and more in a six- or fourteen-week series. Insurance accepted.

Contact us to register or simply inquire.

Teen Girls

Bud to Blossom: Where Healing Blooms Through Art

Express yourself creatively to process feelings of anxiety, depression, self-worth and more in a small group setting.
Teen Girls (ages 12-15)
6-week cohort on Tuesdays, 7-9 pm

Vibrant Visions: Creating Today, Thriving Tomorrow

Explore coping strategies to manage anxiety, depression, and relationship conflicts through creative methods in a small group setting.
Teen Girls (ages 16-19)
6-week cohort on Thursdays, 7-9 pm


Her True Hue: Coloring the Canvas of Self

Explore feelings of anxiety, depression, and the challenges associated with managing multiple responsibilities.
Women (age 20+)
6-week cohort on Saturdays, 10-noon

Addiction Recovery

Creative Recovery

Need a fresh approach for your addiction recovery journey? Join us for Creative Recovery, a 14-week art therapy group for all people where we focus on processing the 12 principles in creative ways. Also learn how Lisa Lounsbury, Board Certified Art Therapist, uses creative practices to enhance her own recovery process.
Held Wednesday evenings, 7-9 pm

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