We need to move! It’s important for our mental and emotional well-being to get up and move around when we’re confined to our homes. Step outside to smell the fresh air and explore the world around you. Movement or exercise breaks up the monotony of being isolated indoors.

Need a little incentive? Challenge yourself to create art in the form of a mandala using the natural elements you find as you observe and explore your surroundings. It will get you moving and stimulate your brain. 

A mandala is basically a design inside of a circle. Think of it as a flower or a circular pattern that you make with layers. We often see them in adult coloring books with intricate patterns.

Colorful patterned mandala drawn with marker on paper
Hand drawn mandala example by Lisa Lounsbury


Nature Mandala Instructions 

Use objects found in nature
  1. Pick a location for your nature mandala. Maybe your yard near the sidewalk, a road,  or in your favorite park along a walking path. Place it so others can see your creation because it’ll brighten their spirits and they may be inspired to add to it! 
  2. Place a rock in the middle of the area you’ve selected. 
  3. Then surround it with other rocks in alternating colors or textures. 
  4. Possibly add sticks or pine cones. (It’s best to use things that won’t blow away in the wind.)
  5. Finally, take pictures to share with friends and challenge them to create their own nature mandala. 

The basic idea is to get outside, make art with nature, and hopefully involve others. Plus, it looks cool!

Mandala of natural elements
Nature mandala with twigs and cones


If you can’t get outdoors then try making a mandala at home using objects found around the house.

Indoor Mandala Instructions

Use objects found in the home or office
  1. Pick a location for your mandala such as in the middle of the table or on the floor. 
  2. Decide on a theme. For example, pick items that makes you happy, are colorful, or are found only in your kitchen.
  3. Look for an object to use for the center of the design.
  4. For the next layer, look around your home for interesting items that all have the same color or shape, for instance.
  5. Place those items around the center object.
  6. Now keep adding layers that extend from the center.
  7. Finally, take pictures to share with friends and challenge them to create their own nature mandala.


Three found object mandala examples
Found object mandala’s can be made with almost anything

Creating your own mandala from objects found in nature or around the house is a wonderful way to see items around us with a new creative perspective. Invite friends to do the same thing and build your own creative community!

– Lisa Lounsbury, MA, LMFT, ATR-BC, Executive Director of Art Lab Rx, LLC

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