I love to go on a driving adventure, whether it’s a spontaneous road trip or a drive to visit family. There is nothing like the freedom of the open road ahead of me with the broad expanse of highway hinting at limitless possibilities. I breathe deeply, inhaling the excitement of the adventure; letting my mind wander unhindered by everyday responsibilities and commitments. 

Hello, Maggie!

I felt this same sense of freedom the first time we drove Maggie, our mobile art therapy studio, out of her storage garage this year. When the garage doors opened and I saw her bright exterior, It was like I was seeing her again for the first time. All of the hopes and dreams that led to transforming Maggie from a coach bus into a mobile mental health facility came flooding back. The dream was to provide a safe space for people in my community to create, explore, and transform. A place to bond and build community, a creative haven in which to find a fresh start.  Maggie was designed for a purpose.



The dream to bring hope and healing through art therapy and wellness programs grew out of my own life experience. I discovered the powerful healing aspects of creative self-expression as a professional artist and group art facilitator. I became fascinated by the emotional response of others as I led them through the art-making process. This brought me on an adventure that led to my pursuing a dual Master of Arts Degree in Art Therapy and Adlerian Psychotherapy. I had found my purpose and calling.


Designed for a Purpose

We are all designed for a purpose. You were designed for a purpose. Unfortunately, the challenges of life often become roadblocks that prevent us from identifying and pursuing our goals and dreams. They block our view so we no longer see the possibilities. So we struggle to navigate our way through life. 

Sometimes we need help. It took a community of experts to transform Maggie into what she is today. People with the right skill, experience and training were needed to achieve the dream. At Art Lab Rx, we are experts in guiding people in the process of personal transformation. We can help you look at your life like an open road, explore the possibilities, and then guide you in transforming from what is to what can be. 

We can help. That’s what we do.

– Lisa Lounsbury, MA, LMFT, ATR-BC, Executive Director of Art Lab Rx, LLC

Featured Image Photo credit: Chris Rasmussen, Take Flight Media www.takeflightmedia.com

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