“Exploration,” “fun,” “inspired,” “hopeful,” “freeing” and “finding my voice” were just a few of the comments about our first Wellness Workshop on Maggie. Wearing Art Lab aprons, participants were invited to snoop in the desks to find out what they contained and how the easel option worked. There were many “oohs” and “aahs” as materials were discovered and desk operations were explored.


We gathered in a circle and talked about being a community, learning about each other, moving around and working side by side in this shared space. I asked, “What has given you HOPE recently?” That was the golden thread that was to be weaved throughout the day as each person made their art. We started with a bi-lateral, brain-balancing process of using both hands to scribble and draw at the same time as a warm up and arriving exercise. Participants were invited, when ready, to introduce colors and shapes, either staying with their original paper or starting new, keeping in mind the golden thread of HOPE. Soft, instrumental music supported their work as I mingled and attended to each individual and moved back to my own desk to make art along with the rest of the community on the bus.

Sharing their art, revealing a discovery of self and expressing unexpected emotions made this day a rich experience that I expect will continue as we share this opportunity with others in our local communities and more. This gives me HOPE.


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