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Maggie’s Inaugural Wellness Workshop

“Exploration,” “fun,” “inspired,” “hopeful,” “freeing” and “finding my voice” were just a few of the comments about our first Wellness Workshop on Maggie. Wearing Art Lab aprons, participants were invited to snoop in the desks to find out what they contained and how the easel option worked. There were many “oohs” and “aahs” as materials were discovered and desk operations were explored.

We gathered in a circle and talked about being a community, learning about each other, moving around and working side by side in this shared space. I asked, “What has given you HOPE recently?” That was the golden thread that was to be weaved throughout the day as each person made their art. We started with a bi-lateral, brain-balancing process of using both hands to scribble and draw at the same time as a warm up and arriving exercise. Participants were invited, when ready, to introduce colors and shapes, either staying with their original paper or starting new, keeping in mind the golden thread of HOPE. Soft, instrumental music supported their work as I mingled and attended to each individual and moved back to my own desk to make art along with the rest of the community on the bus.

Sharing their art, revealing a discovery of self and expressing unexpected emotions made this day a rich experience that I expect will continue as we share this opportunity with others in our local communities and more. This gives me HOPE.

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Sharing Gifts, Sharing Gratitude

It is a joy to introduce you to Maggie, the Art Lab Rx mobile art therapy studio — especially during the holiday season.

When dreaming about creating a healing arts center, it was a still small whisper that told me to put it on a bus. This is why first and foremost, I firmly believe that Maggie is a gift from God. And now it’s time to share this gift with you.

There are so many more people to thank. Watch our video of Maggie’s transformation and see everyone who helped make her happen.

As I think about my journey, I am filled with gratitude for the many gifts I’ve received.

I am thankful for the incredible community of people who gave their creative talents to help bring my vision to life. Maggie was a truly collaborative effort, and everyone has an essential piece woven into her tapestry — the fabric of Art Lab Rx.

The relationships I built have created an amazing network that connected me to the best people at every turn. I’d especially like to acknowledge the invaluable support and mentorship I received through Women Venture. This is where I met creative director Susan Ebertowski, who’s expertly led the brand design for Art Lab Rx.

I also want to thank JD of Buses and More, who found the perfect bus for my needs. The team at Creative Color who turned my artwork into a bus wrap so stunning it took my breath away. David Benck and his team at Benck Mechanical whose behind-the-scenes efforts will keep us comfortable year round. And David Aichinger of Standing Cedars Workshop, whose custom woodwork created such an inspiring, comforting space, I felt an instant sense of calm and kinship with Maggie the moment I stepped in. I know the craftsmanship and care will make you feel valued and welcomed as well.

I believe that the very best gifts are expressions of love.  And sharing those gifts brings the love back full circle. Everyone I’ve had the privilege to work with has given their best to me and Maggie.  And now that she is ready to roll, I can’t wait to share the gift of healing with you.

There are so many more people to thank. Watch our video of Maggie’s transformation and see everyone who helped make her happen.

Launching Maggie

Launching Maggie

About Art Lab Rx: Art Lab Rx tailors art therapy sessions to serve the diverse cultural and spiritual needs of surrounding communities in need of mental health services.  Art Lab Rx comes to your clinic, recovery center, church, school and community center in two ways. We can set up within your facility, or your population could enter “Maggie,” our new mobile unit. Maggie is a self-contained art therapy studio with a wheelchair lift, eight art stations and a toilet, all ADA-compliant.


An open house to celebrate “Maggie,” their 45’ coach bus, now a self-contained art therapy studio with a wheelchair lift, eight art stations and a toilet, all ADA-compliant, is scheduled for Saturday, November 10th, from 1:00 – 4:00 p.m. at Adler Graduate School (10225 Yellow Circle Drive, Minnetonka). The event is designed for anyone who is interested in learning more about art therapy and seeking to partner with the services offered through Art Lab Rx. Featured activities include a ribbon-cutting ceremony, art experiences on Maggie, a photo booth, and a button-making station. Light refreshments will be served. The event is free and open to the public.

Maggie is an expansion of Lounsbury’s private practice, Art Lab Rx, which she founded in 2015. Nick-named after Margaret Naumburg, a pioneer in the art therapy world, Maggie is the only mobile unit in Minnesota (currently, believed to be the only one in the US) dedicated to art therapy. The bus can travel anywhere in Minnesota, making it possible to bring art therapy and wellness workshops to communities where few are offered. Committed to equity, Lounsbury went to great lengths to make the bus accessible to everyone.

“Being ADA-compliant is important to me because I don’t want to leave people out. I want to remove barriers in order for anyone to get help,” said Lounsbury.

Art Lab Rx offers two types of services: art therapy and wellness workshops. Art therapy, is a mental health practice where clients use creative self-expression to gain understanding, make meaning of circumstances and aid them in the healing process. Similar to other types of therapy, it is an ongoing process.

“Art therapy works in wonderful ways,” said Lounsbury. “When a client makes art with the direction of an art therapist, the subconscious is tapped into and images emerge that can help the client make meaning of circumstances and healing begins. It can be a powerful experience.”

A wellness workshop, on the other hand, is an art experience that could have a therapeutic benefit. These one-time sessions are conducted in a group setting and offer coping strategies that individuals can take with them to use in their daily lives. Current wellness workshop topics include creating your own mandala for a sense of calm, art journaling as a visual prayer, and creating a self-care kit to use during stressful times. Both art therapy and wellness workshops can be offered in English or Spanish.

Art Lab Rx is a Gold sponsor for the 2018 Minnesota Recovery Connection’s Walk for Recovery

Join us to celebrate recovery, reduce stigma and demonstrate that long-term recovery is possible and that we are a strong, productive community.

The Walk is this Saturday from 9:00 am – 1:00 pm at Lake of the Isles. The main check-in is across from Lake of the Isles Lutheran Church, 2020 W. Lake of the Isles Parkway, Mpls, MN 55405.

Look for Art Lab’s booth near the food trucks where you can make & take a mandala button, and take your picture while “driving” a replica of the new  mobile art lab, “Maggie.”

Come early to participate in family actives, community tables, music, fellowships and of course, Food Trucks. See you there.

Coming soon! “Maggie,” our mobile Art Lab

Coming soon! “Maggie,” our mobile Art Lab

We’re very excited to share the news of our mobile Art Lab, which should be available for scheduling in fall 2018. Named after Margaret Naumburg, a pioneer of art therapy in the U.S., “Maggie” features a wheelchair lift, toilet and 8 ADA–compliant art stations. We come to you for sessions at community centers, clinics, faith-based groups, schools and worksites. For more information contact

Art Lab Rx, LLC
10225 Yellow Circle Drive
Minnetonka, MN 55343

Phone: 612-226-5472

Art Lab Rx, LLC was created in 2015 by Lisa M. Lounsbury. Art Lab Rx is a registered trademark. © 2018 Art Lab Rx. All rights reserved.