We are born to create. It’s in our DNA. We were made in the image of the Master Artist himself, yet we often discount what is innate by saying “oh, I’m not good at art,” “I can’t draw” or “I’m not creative.” Maybe we narrow the definition of creativity to artistic ability alone. It’s as if there’s some unattainable, high standard for a creative outcome where everything we create must be a masterpiece, ready to be framed and put in a gallery.

Creativity is much more about the process than it is about the product. It provides a release and causes a sense of relief by helping to clear your mind and calm your nerves. “Anything that engages your creative mind — the ability to make connections between unrelated things and imagine new ways to communicate — is good for you,” says Girija Kaimal, a professor at Drexel University and researcher in art therapy. [Source: NPR.org]

All forms of creative self-expression can enhance your life, doodling, coloring, knitting, baking, scrapbooking, woodworking – the sky’s the limit. It enables flexible-thinking, improves your ability to focus and can help you make sense of your emotions. Because it can be relaxing, it allows you to experience a state of flow. Also, “engaging in any sort of visual expression results in the reward pathway in the brain being activated,” says Kaimal. “Which means that you feel good and it’s perceived as a pleasurable experience.”

Try picking up a brush or a marker and just start creating for the sake of creating. Who cares what it looks like? Give yourself permission to play. Don’t be afraid of making a mess as you might discover your own style, your own expression… your own mark. 

God loves all forms of creativity. He specifically called people to make artwork, music, dance, writing, and more. Find out what type of self-expression works for you. Be brave and overcome the fear of making a mistake…make a mark, you’ll feel better, you’ll live better.

– Lisa Lounsbury, MA, LMFT, ATR-BC, Executive Director of Art Lab Rx, LLC

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